Shiatsu for pregnancy is an 8-hour course that goes over pre & post natal as well as labor and delivery considerations for massage. The class consists of going over pregnancy points for relieving pain and tension during labor and delivery as well as pre and post natal points to alleviate the most common occurrences associated with pregnancy. Including edema/swelling, morning sickness, constipation, sciatic/low back pain, and anxiety. In the coarse one will learn the points and proper technique in applying the pressure to each one for increased effect.


Troy, New York

Michael Croes LMT, OBT

Cancellations must be made 15 days before the first day of class to receive a full refund. No refunds for courses already taken. You must attend the entire course to receive credit.

Class will be 1 day, 6 hours each day with a half hour for lunch.

Bring sheets, cream, and or oil.

Notebooks pens/pencils

No recording of classes

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$180006 hour class