Michael has over 15 years experience teaching and practicing massage therapy. Drawing on this experience, he believes in approaching injuries in a different way, with individual treatment plans for each client to improve their overall health as well as addressing specific therapeutic needs.

Michael received his certification from the Shiatsu Clinic & School in 2002, with a focus on Shiatsu and Chinese medicine and The Institute for Therapeutic Massage in 2007, with a focus on western anatomy and pathology. Since 2007, Michael has been licensed and practicing in the State of New York.


I just got my real first shiatsu massage here. Michael is truly amazing massage therapist, I asked him to help me with my Mid back my shoulder which is really tight. He is listened and focused on the area I need to work. His pressure was very strong and firm. He also combined shiatsu and cupping technique on my back. after session I felt much loosen up. He also offered a readjustment 5-10 minutes next day after if you need it. I definitely will come back to him again.


I’ve been getting work here for a couple of years now – since my aging body decided to no longer cooperate with my youthful mind.  He’s mostly worked on my lower body since the majority of my issues are in my hips and knees. Every session has been fantastic and I wish I could see him more frequently.  I receive good explanations on what issues he’s seeing, how he’s going to treat me and then what I should be doing on own (yeah, homework!) to help in between sessions.  I can’t recommend Michael enough. His treatments always leave me feeling better and I feel confident that he understands the issues with my body.


Michael has been treating me for several years. Whenever I have an injury, he’s the first one to know about it and tend to it. I recently tore my meniscus and after several  treatments with Michael, my knee is much improved. If you appreciate a deep-tissue massage, he’s the best in the business and his prices are very reasonable.


I’m a runner and have been seeing Michael regularly for the last several months now. I had several aches and pains form years of mileage and Michael not only dealt with the area in question but pointed me to the area s I could work on as well. His brilliant use of massage and release technique have kept me pretty much injury free since I started seeing him. He’s really informative, tells you exactly what he’s doing and how it helps and what you can do at home to keep yourself in good shape. On top of all that he’s got a brilliant personality and great taste in music! Do yourself a favor.


I have had knee pain from years of running. Michael has been amazing at working on my knee pain as well as giving me exercises to augment our sessions. Also, like most women in New York, I have lots of neck and back pain due to carrying around a large purse and generally having a stressful job. Michael is really great about knowing how to address pain and tension due to stress and his expertise in Chinese medicine combined with shiatsu massage helped me move past an episode of debilitating back pain a few weeks ago. In short, Michael provides expert massage therapy and great personalized service. I have gone to a variety of massage therapists in Brooklyn and Michael is definitely the best!