Crow’s Massage is partnering with Troy City Acupuncture under the name Okina Kawa to offer classes for continuing education for current massage therapists.

The goals of the Okina Kawa Continuing Education Program are for competent massage therapists to remain up-to-date on changes in the field of massage and with a regard to medical treatments for injury and healing.


  • All therapists should engage in lifelong learning.

  • Continuing education must be effective and flexible to meet therapists’ needs.

  • Continuing education should offer useful skills to enhance students practice yet be priced at a competitive rate to make education available to all therapists.

  • Continuing education should advance the field of massage therapy as a whole.

  • Continuing education must be current and reflect changes in the field.


This class will teach students how to palpate and assess acu-channels for use in evaluation and treatment. Students will learn proper pressure and depth needed to recognize changes in acu-channels that signify internal imbalances. This course will include in-depth description of channel changes and their significance in patient analysis and treatment as well as acupressure techniques to address their findings.

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This class will teach students deep tissue strokes with hot stones in a full routine for an hour and a half session. It will utilize all aspects of medical massage, including but not limited to: postural analysis, Range of Motion, and the deep tissue stokes performed with hot stones.

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This class will teach myofascial cupping and scrapping techniques for specific sections of the body. It will utilize aspects from the massage curriculum including but not limited to: friction, compression, eastern massage theory and principles, anatomy and physiology theory.

Cupping and Gua sha are methods of Oriental medicine that increase micro profusion or micro circulation of blood at a superficial level in muscles that are tight or in areas where there is congestion or stiffness.  Increased blood flow to muscles and surrounding tissue brings in oxygenated blood and fluids to carry out metabolic waste and deliver the components that are needed for tissue repair.  They also help to break up any superficial adhesions in the tissue that might be contributing to muscle tension and pain.  In addition to relieving pain, these techniques promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing, while gua sha has been shown to have an effect on the immune system.

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This class goes over basic myofascial techniques for upper and lower extremities. It includes foam rolling techniques as well as other self-care techniques for the practitioner.  It will include deep and superficial practices for the whole body as a basic foundation to myofascial release treatments including hand and thumb positions and elbow and forearm techniques with proper body mechanics.

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This class will teach students techniques needed to identify and address neuromuscular dysfunction in patients dealing with orthopedic pain and disorders. This course will include muscle strength testing, location of motor points and treatment techniques. This course will be broken into upper extremities and lower extremities.

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This class will teach students advanced Shiatsu techniques.  Using elbows, fingers and knees the student will learn proper movement on the floor as well as on a table. This course will include advanced Chinese medicine evaluation, including in-depth tongue, pulse and assessment techniques. Using meridian and organ function diagnosis, students will fully grasp proper techniques to address bodily imbalances using Chinese medicine.

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Shiatsu for pregnancy is an 8-hour course that goes over pre & post natal as well as labor and delivery considerations for massage. The class consists of going over pregnancy points for relieving pain and tension during labor and delivery as well as pre and post natal points to alleviate the most common occurrences associated with pregnancy. Including edema/swelling, morning sickness, constipation, sciatic/low back pain, and anxiety. In the coarse one will learn the points and proper technique in applying the pressure to each one for increased effect.

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In this class students will learn safe and effective Thai Yoga Massage techniques through demonstrations and hands on practice to complete a 60 minute sequence. The distinguishing features of Thai Yoga Massage as a Bodywork therapy lie in the approach to gently stretching and opening the body. Working on a the floor, students will learn practice principles of body alignment, body postures, and how to use elbows, arms, hands, and feet to move, stretch and work along energy lines called Sen Lines. Intention is a important aspect of Thai Yoga Massage and with Metta (loving kindness) you will give others a deep sense of relaxation, pain relief and increased flexibility.

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