Crows Massage provides services in a variety of ways, designed to best suit a clients’ needs. Crows Massage is an independent studio based out of offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Brooklyn (Mon 9:00am-8:00pm, Thur 11:30-6:30pm)
Plaza Wellness Center, 36 Plaza Street East #1A, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Soho (Tues 9:00am-7:00pm)
594 Broadway (between Prince and Houston) Suite 410

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  •  Brooklyn studio session (50 min) $150.00

  • PACKAGE: $405 (Brooklyn studio, 50 min) for 3 sessions

  • PACKAGE: $800 (Brooklyn studio, 50 min) for 6 sessions

  • Manhattan studio session (50 min) $150

  • PACKAGE: $800 (Manhattan studio, 50 min) for 6 sessions


Shiatsu: a deep tissue work to provide a full body healing experience. This massage balances out all the energy/organ systems of the body to keep you functioning at peak levels of performance.

There are many benefits to massage, including: stress relief, pain reduction, and detoxification. Massage therapy also provides increased flexibility, circulation, immune system strength, mental awareness, energy, and a more restful sleep. Massage also helps to reduce anxiety, nervousness, depression, chronic pain, and headaches.

Deep tissue or shiatsu can be considered to cause a “good hurt,” but rest assured we work with the client’s tolerance to give the best massage at the level that you feel comfortable. 

Please let your therapist know if you ever feel uncomfortable, if you feel pain, or if you have any area you wish not to be worked. You will be stretched and worked thoroughly to give you a full body experience.

You will be worked on through your clothes. We recommend that you wear comfortable athletic wear, such as shorts, t-shirts, tank top. (bring shorts for cupping and other treatments)